summer 2015

a sheltered garden for the arts in Queen West - 163 Walnut Avenue


then, then.

Sept 17th -20th, 23rd-27th, 8 pm

(The Messy Kween Collective)

$20 General, $15 Arts Workers/Under 30

The day after two bombs were dropped on a neighbouring village, a community theatre troupe rehearses for a production of a new play about star-crossed lovers as planes fly threateningly overhead. Inspired by the playwright's great-great uncle who ran a community theatre in rural England during the Second World War.

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Warrior Woman & the Planet of Robots, Aug 14th - 16th

Transhumanist manifesto as adult colouring book. Defend reason against seductive irrationality! Defend the human spirit against soulless number-crunching! Warning: Symbolic representation of nudity, exposure to soap bubbles.

Sahara Jane, June 7th, 8 pm PWYC

Majlis Arts is very pleased to present Sahara Jane, whose unique style (country-and-eastern, perhaps?) reflects her warmth, personality, and breadth of vision. Come and enjoy the first of the year's roses, and this talented artist on her cross-Canada tour.


Colin Anthony's series, now in its ninth year, appears on June 20th, July 18th, and August 22nd. Members of Toronto's Association for Improvising Musicians team up with dancers to create a series of improvisations.

many thanks to our friends and supporters for making this work possible!