"one of the coolest venues I’ve ever been to....tons of greenery and the smell of citronella was in the air....the perfect setting for a summer night at the theatre." Mooney on Theatre

Majlis Art Garden

is an intimate indoor-outdoor space, an enclosed garden for the performing arts. Our 14' x 28' sprung stage, surrounded by roses, has been presenting dance, poetry, music and storytelling since 2006.

We seat between 40 and 60 people, and host events between June and early September. If you have an event that you think would be a good fit at Majlis, please be in touch.

About our name

Majlis is an arabic word meaning a place to sit. We are inspired by the majalis (plural) of "golden age" 10th century Spain, which featured poetry, dance, music, philosophy, and debate. Like the word "salon" the word "majlis" has been loaned into many other languages.