Majlis Art Garden - 163 Walnut Avenue

Getting There

Finding the site: If possible, we recommend using a GPS; the route can be confusing. The Art Garden is just south of Trinity Bellwoods Park, north of Stanley Park. Look for the wooden gate between two factory buildings.

By car: There is a city parking lot at Walnut and Richmond, and free parking on many sidestreets, especially after 6 pm (please check the signs carefully: the east side of Walnut between Richmond and Queen is 'No Parking' and it's not obvious.)

By TTC: The Queen streetcar stop is Claremont; the King streetcar is often faster, and the stop is is Niagara. Walnut jogs a little south of Queen (see map above.)

By bike: Streetsigns, or our metal gate, are fine for parking; if you're rehearsing, you're also welcome to bring your bike inside. There is a Bixi Bike stand at Niagara and Richmond.

About the Venue: The venue is general seating for 40-50 people. Audiences are sheltered from rain under a canopy; we have hosted some very memorable shows in full thunderstorms.

Majlis Multidisciplinary Arts events: Gates open half an hour before performances. Shows normally start within ten minutes of the posted time, latecomers may quietly seat themselves.

Other events, such as the Toronto Fringe Festival, may have their own rules and protocols.