past events

Multidisciplinary Performances

Figure of Speech series:

#1 (August 15th, 2008)

Stuart Ross; Norma Araiza; Jeff Burke; Andrew Frost; Steven Lederman

#2 (August 22nd, 2008)

Noah Leznoff; Liliana Deirisarri; James Cosman

#3 (September 5th, 2008)

Sheniz Janmohamed; Gauri Vanarase; Tanya M. Jacobs; Santosh Naidu

#4 (July 10th/11th, 2009)

Stuart Ross, Norma Araiza, Jeff Burke, Steven Lederman, Andrew Frost

#5 (July 17th/18th, 2009)

Dr. George Sawa, Sashar Zarif, Patricia Krambitsch

#6 (July 24th/25th, 2009)

Howard Jerome, Hameed Shaqq, Lauren Corindia, Tom Hui

#7 (July 31st/August 1st, 2009)

Lisandro Gómez, Tatiana Melnyk, Pheobe Tsang

#8 (August 7th/8th, 2009)

Angela Rawlings, Greg Lauzon, Meiko Ando, Michaelangelo Iaffaldano

#9 (August 14th/15th, 2009)

Karen Richardson, Delton Frank, Jay Danley

#10 (August 21st/22nd, 2009)

Andréa Jarmai, Michael Franklin, Ida Mehtafi

#11 (August 28th/29th, 2009)

Camille Martin, Gauri Vanarase, John Edwards, Hallie Fishel-Verrette

#12 (September 4th/5th, 2009)

Mahlikah Awe:ri, Vivine Scarlett, Waleed Abdulhamid, Amai Kuda

#13 (July 2nd/3rd, 2010)

Francine Lewis, Arnd Jürgensen, Kousha Nakhaei, Joelle Sherman

#14 (July 9th/10th, 2010)

Ryan Janzen, Beatriz Hausner, Megan Nadain

#15 (July 16th/17th, 2010)

Alec Dempster, Mayahuel Tecozautla, Kali Niño Mendoza, Christian Campbell, Nick Storring

#16 (July 30th/31st, 2010)

Jenny Sampirisi, Brodie West, Megan English

#17 (August 6th/7th, 2010)

Phlip Arima, Amai Kuda, Celine Marks, Rob Clutton

#18 (August 13th/14th, 2010)

Abdominal, Andrew Timar, Araz Salek, Cheldon Paterson, Meagan O'Shea

#19 (August 27th/28th, 2010)

Alisha Ruiss, Phil Bourassa, Nick Power, Drew Jureka, Chris Bezant

#20 (September 3rd/4th, 2010)

Belladonna, Cheryl 0, Sasha Ivanochko

#21 (September 10th/11th, 2010)

Nova Bhattacharya, Gurpreet Chana, Damian Rogers

Liquid Architecture

A conversation between music and other art forms, curated by cheryl o

#1 (June 30th, 2011)

cheryl o (cello), Michaelangelo Iaffaldano (various) Aaron Lumley (bass), Octopus (percussion duo)

#2 (July 14th and 15th, 2011)

Sasha Ivanochko (dance), Aaron Lumley (bass), cheryl o (cello)

#3 (August 18th, 2011)

cheryl o (cello), Rob Piilonen (flute), authors: Pamela Rhae Ferguson, Heather Dick, Sasha Wentages

Poetry Performances

SoundsPoetic (August 6th, 2011)

vocal art featuring Tova Kardonne's 'Sound Forest'

Messagio Galore (Oct. 6th, 2007)

jw curry; Maria Erskine; Nicholas Power; Rob Read;

The Complete Martyrology (Sept. 29th - Oct. 1st, 2006)

jw curry: a marathon reading of famous Canadian poet bp nichol's 'Martyrology' and 'Scraptures'

Dance Performances

CoexisDance, curated by Colin Anthony, featuring members of Toronto's Association for Improvising Musicians

CoexisDance #32 August 26th, 2010

CoexisDance #37, #38, #39 June, July 23rd, August 20th, 2011

CoexisDance #46, #47, #48 June 23rd, July 21st, August 28th, 2012

CoexisDance #54, #55, #56 June 22nd, July 20th, August 17th, 2013

CoexisDance #64, #65, #66 June 21st, July 19th, August 23rd, 2014

Conversation (May 23rd, 2014)

Olivia C. Davies dance/theatre (with set by Colin Anthony)

This Is A Held Note… and Other Stories (August 10th, 2013)

A poem cycle set to dance and to music, both live and pre-recorded. The sound pieces are largely made up of vocal samples of various artists reading the short poems.

migration (in a nutshell)

Adams and Akimbo Dance Theatre, Sept 3rd 2011

Ballet Bagatelle/I of the Beholder (July 6th - 9th, 2006)

DNA Theatre: Magdalena Vasko; Agata Mirosz; Leslie Schroeter; Catherine Maitland; Sheila Heti

Music Performances

Medieval #1: Déjeuner sur l'herbe (Sept 6, 2014)

Ensemble Eya (Montréal)

Medieval #2: (Sept. 13th, 2014)

Pneuma Ensemble (Toronto)

Transport: Art Song (July 19th, 2013)

Tricia Postle (lyric mezzo), William Shookhoff (piano)

QuasiMODAL (August 11th, 2011)

cheryl o (cello), Ben Grossman (hurdy-gurdy), Steven Sauve, (synth) Rob Hoare (sax and laptop)

Wine and Cheese Music for Goths over 30 (August 21st, 2010)

Tricia Postle; Greg Lauzon; Gauri Vanarase. Music from an alternate timeline.

Cante/Canto (August 18th-20th 2006)

Tricia Postle; Deepti Gupta; Kevin Sullivan; Richard Soren; Howard Jerome


Molly Bloom (June 7th - June 16th, 2018, dark Mondays)

Fourth Gorgon Theatre

The Wagon Play (July 6th - 8th, 13th - 15th, 2018)

Theatre by Committee

Two Medieval Fabliaux: July 20th - 21st, 2018

'Dame Sirith' (Poculi Ludique Societas) and 'The Nun's Priest's Tale' (Pneuma Ensemble)

Of Shapes Transformed By Love by Kyle Capstick (May 7th-11th, 14th-18th, 2017)

Aim for the Tangent Theatre with Newborn Theatre

Yarn, (August 7th - 17th, 2014, dark Mondays)

Composer/performer Alex Eddington unwinds a tale of superstition, standing-stones, and sheep.

The Wind-Down Festival (August 7th - 17th, 2014, dark Mondays)

After his show, Alex curates a festival with an incredible range of artists, from puppetry to opera.


anecDuets (couple storytelling) (Sept 2nd 2011)

Dr. Kay Mehren (Zoo Vet for 29 years) Peter Mehren (raconteur, bon vivant, and husband)

with Drew Jureka (jazz violin) and Nathan Hiltz (guitar)

The Kabbalah Kabbaret (August 21st, 2011)

Howard 'Shalom' Jerome

delight! (Elizabeth Chitty) (August 13th 2011)

Backrubs, birdsong, light, peaches, pears, photographs, promises, roses, rubber stamps, shadow,video. 'I will make only delightful art' (with apologies to John Baldessari).

Meet the Man Behind the Curtain (July 24th, 2010)

An autobiographical life in magic, with Merlin; Stephen Hanson (guitar)