Howard Jerome: Zero

This musical celebration of Zero Mostel's life answers the question: I KNOW HE'S DEAD... but what is he doing?

Anybody who could do six shows a night in two different night clubs six days a week, perform as a regular on radio, paint furiously, party all night and rehearse for broadway isn't going to let a little thing like DEATH slow him down.

Not only does this musical look back at the accomplishments of this extraordinary man, it also looks forward to what happens when Zero's soul goes to heaven and/or hell.

We will celebrate "Fiddler" and "Forum," "Rhinoceros" and "The Producers." We will relive what happened with HUAC. We will look at what his family, friends, coworkers and critics felt about him. Was he a sinner? A saint? A genius? or a buffoon? Everyone has a different opinion of the complex and contradictory man we call ZERO.

Zero Mostel's story reads like the archetypal American dream. The young son of an immigrant family rises out of poverty and obscurity to become one of America's beloved stars. Triumph and tragedy take turns in the remarkable life of Zero Mostel:

Triumph: Zero's career starts by "accident" and soon soars like a rocket. He becomes acknowledged as one of America's funniest men, and is declared the brightest new star of 1943.

Tragedy: Zero gets drafted, and his salary goes from $5000/wk to $21/month.

Triumph: Zero marries Clara.

Tragedy: Zero divorces Clara.

Triumph: Zero marries Kate forever.

Tragedy: Zero is blacklisted as a communist by HUAC (the House Unamerican Activities Committee) and his career nosedives. He spends the next decade as a penniless artist.

Triumph: Zero returns to the stage and astonishes critics and audiences with "Rhinoceros."

Tragedy: Zero's film career is sabotaged.

Triumph: Zero shatters box office records as Tevye in "Fiddler on the Roof."

Tragedy: Zero is ignored in the film version of Fiddler.

Triumph: Zero delights audiences in the hilarious hit film "The Producers."

Tragedy: Zero passes away.

Triumph: Zero's story continues in "Zero" the new musical smash hit.

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