Howard Jerome: Canadian Improv Games

Howard (aka "Old Man Improv") at the 2012 Canadian Improv Games in Ottawa

From Wikipedia: The Canadian Improv Games (CIG) is an education based format of improvisational theatre for Canadian high schools. To participate in the games, high school students form teams of up to 8 players and are required to pay a registration fee. The teams compete in regional tournaments, organized and coordinated by regional Canadian Improv Games volunteers.

Players perform improvised scenes, fuelled by suggestions provided by the audience. Each scene is judged based on a fixed rubric. The winning team from each region proceeds to the National Festival and Tournament held in Ottawa. The National Arts Centre is a major sponsor of the Canadian Improv Games. The National Arts Centre is the site of the National Festival and Ottawa Tournament.

The Games were created by Willie Wyllie and Howard Jerome, based on a concept originally conceived by David Shepherd and Howard Jerome. David Shepherd was the producer of North America's first professional improvisational theater The Compass Players in Chicago, which was the forerunner of the Second City.