Howard Jerome: Workshops
It is a genuine pleasure for us to describe the superlative abilities of Howard in conducting and leading a workshop.  On every occasion that we have had the priviledge of attending a workshop that Howard has organized, arranged, and facilitated, we have been exceedingly pleased beyond our expectations.  He is a great teacher and imparts the information along with a great deal of humour.  We can't sing his praises too highly.
Max and Gianna Glassman

Program design and implementation:

Ortho McNeil Inc.: Risk Taking Corporate Culture Process
Metro Toronto School Board: I.T. Management Group
Johnston & Johnston: DNA of Corporate Culture
Warner Lambert: Creativity in New Product Development
Union Carbide: Stress Reduction Program
York/Toronto Lung Association: "Raiders of the Lost Breath" touring show
Cdn. Mental Health Assoc.: Coping with Stress Due to Change (Molson's)
St. Michael's Hospital/Cancer Support: the Healing Power of Laughter
City of Toronto/Health Promotion: "The Bod Squad" health awareness kit
Seneca, Algonquin colleges: Assertiveness; Creativity; Theatre programs

Projects varied from creating an in-house theatre group exploring issues of importance in corporate environments, to workshop and program development in the areas of problem solving, team building, empowerment and transformation.

Howard has also appeared as keynote speaker for various organizations, including: Ontario Teacher's Federation, Ontario Association of the Developmentally Disabled, and the Youth Empowerment Symposium.