Howard Jerome: Kabbalah Kabbaret


Shalom friends:
I have had the privilege of knowing Howard Jerome and his extraordinary creative work for some time. Kabbalah Kabaret is a delightful, entertaining and meaningful way to enter the depths and breadths of light that Kabbalah offers. Our sages have told us that the teachings of Kabbalah will enter the world widely in our times and this is a great vehicle for universal sharing.

Rabbi Itzchak Marmorstein

A letter from Howard:

Shalom, dear friend (who I may not have met yet)

I would like to share with you a little bit about who I am, and what the "Kabbalah Kabbaret" means to me.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn,  in the same neighborhood as Zero Mostel, Mel Brooks, The Weinstein Brothers, and more recently Mike Tyson. I've been a Beatnik, a Socialist, a wrestler, a folk singer, a football player, and a hippy. Now, at my age, I've started rappin'.

I left the Hebrew faith for forty years. The first twenty I was a "missionary atheist" railing against everybody's G-d, more interested in Marx (Karl, not Groucho) than Moses. For twenty years after that, I was anything but Jewish. I have been Buddhist, nudist, a yogi with a stogie... I twirled with dervishes and sat in sweat lodges with natives. Prepared by these spiritual teachers, who I honour to this day, I returned to the faith of my birth. For this, I am forever grateful.

But I would not be Jewish today if it had not been for the Kabbalah. Finally, in this supposedly "mystical" study, I found practical answers to questions about the Torah that kept me from embracing my heritage. These insights and spiritual technologies I have put into stories, song, Rap, and comedy, and little bit of interactive participation.

The "Kabbalah Kabbaret" represents more than 18 years of immersion into Kabbalah's illumination and practices. I sing and tell stories about its practical wonders. If there's interest, I also lead workshops in which we can get a little deeper and a little higher.

The stories, songs and raps tell the story of my return to Judaism and explore some of the principles and concepts of Kabbalah. Add a pinch of Yiddish, a dash of Hebrew... lo' and behold, the mystery and history of Kabbalah delivered to you, hot and fresh! From Moses to Madonna.

I look forward to talking about how we can work together, have some fun, raise some consciousness, share some light, raise some money for your organization, and perhaps even save the world a little.

Howard "Shalom" Jerome


For more details about the Kabbalah Kabbaret, including video from previous performances, please contact Howard. You can also click the image above to visit the Kabbalah Kabbaret website.